Why is December the best time to buy life insurance?

Submitted by BlockInsurance on Wed, 12/09/2020 - 15:13

Why is December the best time to buy life insurance?

It's the month of presents, family time, and more. But it's also a great time to buy life insurance. Here's why.

'Twas the night before the new year and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 

Why? Because you're headed into 2021 with life insurance to protect your family no matter what the new year might bring. 

Oh, you haven't done that yet? December is the month to do it!

Stick with us and we will share with you why you should prioritize getting life insurance this month.

Life Insurance Makes A Heartfelt Gift

Simply put, life insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones in case something happens to you. This is something you can do for other people and something that will benefit your family after you're gone. In a sense, life insurance is the ultimate gift - something that you give someone both now and later, even when you're not there to give it to them. 

Buying life insurance is a way of saying "I love you enough to protect you even when I'm not here." 

Plus, it's easy to wrap ;)

Life Insurance Will Keep You Warm at Night

Well, it won't literally keep you warm BUT you will sleep more soundly knowing that your family is covered in the worst-case scenario should happen. We all have enough to worry about so think of a life insurance policy as giving yourself peace of mind. Not to mention the comfort to your loved ones that they will be able to cover any final expenses and debts should anything happen to you. I don't know about you but I don't have a blanket that can do that.


Who needs life insurance, anyway? Anyone who has other people who depend on them for their financial well-being. If you have kids who would be impacted by the loss of your salary, you probably want life insurance. If you have a partner who depends on you and your income, you probably want life insurance. 

Everybody has value. BUT if part of the value you bring to your family can be measured in dollars, you probably want life insurance. 

Life Insurance is a Great Use of Travel Budget

You're probably not visiting family this year or taking that dream cruise around the world. So, turn lemons into life insurance lemonade? Maybe that's not exactly how the saying goes but repurpose those savings for your life insurance premiums. 

2020 has been hard. Life insurance will make 2021 (and beyond) easier. 

At some point, we will move on from this trying year. And that's putting it mildly. There was a once in a lifetime pandemic. (WE HOPE!) Unimaginable economic hardship and much more. I think we can all agree that it's not been easy.

So, with all of the being said, one thing you can do today to help make tomorrow a little brighter is take a few minutes to apply for life insurance that will cover your loved ones in case the worst should happen.

At Block, we are not only here to help with your home, auto, or business, we can help with your life insurance too!

Give us a call today or drop by the office! We would love to sit down with you to discuss your life insurance options.