Summer Home Maintenance Tips

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For many, there is no better time of the year than summertime to be outside in the yard enjoying the weather and sunshine. We can't get enough of the warm temperatures, longer days, picnicking, barbecuing or just enjoying drinks and snacks on the deck or patio with our closets friends and family!

Your home in the summer should be a source relaxation and fun! Unfortunately the winter, can leave its mark, which can ruin your summer if you do not prepare. A bit of time spent on seasonal maintenance can keep your home in tip top shape for the best season of the year!

Start of the Season

Preparing your home for the warmer months should produce a sense of enjoyment, not dread at what might be damaged, broken or need replacing. If you do find any damage, make any repairs right away to stop any further damage and help keep you and your family safe!

Be sure to check both inside and outside the home for damage, wear and tear, and even evidence of any unwanted guests such as wildlife or rodents. Check out the list below for some EASY ways to make sure your hope is in ready for the summer!

Here's a quick checklist for what to look for inside the house!

  • Check the locks on your doors to make sure they are secure. Do this by opening the doors and make sure they latch properly. 
  • Check electrical outlets and cords for potential fire hazards. These can be in the form of frayed wires or even loose-fitting plugs. Don't overload the outlets, fuse boxes or extension cords.
  • Check washing machine hoses, toilet float valves, and all pipe connections. If any show signs of cracking, wear or leakage replace them!
  • Clean or replace your furnace filter, dryer vent and lent trap to reduce any fire hazard. 

Outside the house checklist!

  • Check any wood structures, including steps and decks, for rot and other deterioration. Repair or replace them before you start throwing your outdoor parties! Keep you and your guest safe.
  • Check any swing sets, trampolines or anything else your kiddos play on. Check them for rusty bolts or sharp edges. 
  • Have your roof inspected every couple of years by a professional to identify any area of potential leaking. 

Your home in the summer should be a place of family, friends and relaxation so take a little extra time this summer to make sure your home is in tip top shape.


Happy Summer!

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