commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

As a leading insurance agency, we know business and we make it our business to protect yours. Get the ultimate peace of mind when you work with Block Insurance to gain coverage on every element of your company.

Understanding Commercial Insurance

Every business is unique, and your commercial insurance should reflect that. At Block Insurance, we connect you with coverage options based on your industry and specific company needs. Generally speaking, commercial insurance refers to coverage designed to protect businesses, owners, and employees. Some of the most common commercial insurance types include property, liability, and worker’s compensation. Let's examine these further:

Commercial liability insurance: this type of insurance protects your business from financial loss if you are held liable for property or personal damage caused by your services, employees or products.

Commercial property insurance: provides coverage for your building, inventory, equipment, tools and other property assets.

Commercial worker's compensation: provides financial compensation in the event of a work-related injury to cover medical expenses and lost wages during your employee absence.

All of the insurance types mentioned above fall under commercial casualty insurance. Commercial casualty insurance is a broader term that protects businesses against accident-related losses. At Block Insurance, we help commercial owners stay prepared for every potential risk and outcome.

Who needs commercial vehicle insurance?

If you're uncertain if you need commercial auto insurance, we can provide some guidance. Typically, we recommend that business owners get coverage for any vehicle that is used for your business. Like auto insurance, commercial vehicle insurance protects your automobile, employees, and anyone involved in an accident.

Covering all your commercial needs

With Block Insurance, we strive to create a safety net for unexpected occurrences. Our commercial umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection that exceeds general coverage. Talk with our agents today about the coverage needs for every part of your business.

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