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Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Truck Appreciation Week

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Every year, Americans dedicate a week to pay tribute to professional truck drivers and their importance to everyday life and the overall economy. At Block, we are using this week to go out to the area truck stops with goody bags and a smiling face to just say ‘THANK YOU’ to the truck drivers. There are plenty of ways to show appreciation to truckers. Don’t know of one? We got you!

To help make this initiative a success, take a look at these five ways you can help truck drivers feel appreciated:

#1: Educate yourself and others around you

There is much negative public perception around truckers on the road. Much of this is reaction-based, with some four-wheelers meeting truck drivers who are cautiously turning, accelerating, and merging with huffing, puffing, obscenities, and honks.

This past year resulted in a slew of timely articles emphasizing the critical role truckers play in delivering vital supplies across America during times of crisis and beyond. Take the time to read up and then use the knowledge you gain to gently inform an impatient person in your circle scoffing at truckers in the future.

#2: Be a good pal on the road

Driving a commercial vehicle is many things and easy is not one of them. You can lend a symbolic helping hand right from the driver’s seat. Whether you leave room for a driver to merge into your lane or wave at a trucker while you’re both stopped at stop signs, there are many ways you can show truckers that they have allies on the road.

#3: Thank a trucker

It wouldn’t be a successful Truck Driver Appreciation Week without those two magic words thank and you. In today’s increasingly digital and virtually connected world, in-person acknowledgments are a perfect and genuine way to show truck drivers they’re appreciated.

Interstate travelers, in particular, will likely be able to take advantage of this most, as they have the opportunity to encounter truckers a great deal at stops along their routes.

#4: Deliver some care to drivers who deliver everything else

When a good Samaritan left a care package for truckers and postal workers at their doorstep this March, the heartfelt gesture made national news.

A seemingly small act of kindness like this can make a significant, positive impact on a driver’s day. And the good news is this doesn’t only apply to residential homes. Anyone, anywhere from warehouse workers to retail managers can leave care packages filled with goodies, like sports drinks, water bottles, snacks, and hand sanitizers, for drivers to treat themselves to.

#5: Say it with a sign

Many people have been getting creative and making Truck Driver Appreciation Week poster signs. You can show your gratitude and your art skills with a poster, some markers, and whatever else you wish. Once you have your poster ready, share it however you see fit. You can have your kids pose with it and post a picture to social media, tape it to a car window, or stick it on your balcony.

This week we are celebrating all of the truck drivers out there! Your appreciation doesn't have to be extravagant, a simple wave as your driving down the road makes a difference.


Chris Powers // Transportation Specialist

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