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What have we been up to? Apr 26, 2022 »

2022 has been a great year so far at Block! Here is what we have been up to...

We started off the year celebrating National Pharmacy Day. Some of us hit the road and visited some of our local pharmacies to say THANK YOU! They have had a crazy couple of years and deserved a little celebrating. We also couldn't let the month pass without celebrating 'National Have Fun at Work Day'.. we had a cornhole tournament in the hallway at the Paragould office! Crazy team names, trash talk and fun all…

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Grain Bin Safety Week Feb 20, 2022 »

As the 2022 growing season gets started, agriculture faces a potentially challenging year. Volatile markets, supply chain problems and labor shortage are all major issues farmers and agribusiness workers will face at any given time this year. With all of this going on, farmers will have busy minds, and when that’s the case, its easy to be distracted. And when you’re distracted, accidents can happen. That comes true especially when working in grain bins. One slip or bad step can have…

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How can I save on group health insurance? Jan 19, 2022 »

With costs skyrocketing, most people want to save on the group health insurance plan, but unfortunately, no one knows how to do it. When it comes to saving on your group health plan, one word matters most….. DATA. Do you know your data? Not knowing your data is the equivalent of taking a cross-country trip with no GPS. Most groups do not know their data, so they do not know what decisions to make about their plan. Healthcare for most employers is the second largest expense, but something…

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How do I cut my healthcare costs? Jan 05, 2022 »

After the holiday rush, and heading into the new year, there are a few guarantees:

  1. Resolutions will be broken

  2. The first work week back will be hectic

  3. Money will be tight after all the holiday spending

Unfortunately, with the New Year comes many people’s deductible phase with their healthcare insurance. This means even more out-of-pocket expense, following the spending frenzy of December. With healthcare costs rising and copays for pharmaceuticals increasing every…

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Paragould Christmas Festivities Dec 08, 2021 »

Last night, some of the Block team and their kiddos bundled up and hit the streets of downtown Paragould to watch the Winter Wonderland Christmas Parade!

If you missed it, don't worry there are a lot of festivities to join in on this month.


9th - Enchanting Night, 4:00-8:00 pm

  • Carriage Rides
  • Santa at Vintage Rental Depot

11th - Cocoa Crawl, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Purchase your Cocoa Crawl mug and then sip and shop all over Downtown. Our merchants will be filling up your mug with goodness!

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Happy Holidays and Cyber Attacks Dec 06, 2021 »

At Block Insurance, we are looking forward to this year’s Christmas and New Year holiday season. Time with family…and the time away from the office…is always necessary to reconnect and recharge heading into the new year.

However, the FBI and CISA have noticed a disturbing trend associated with time away from work. In 2021 cyber crime has spiked on holidays, as cyber-criminals see the time away from the office as primetime for an attack. With network defenders and local IT…

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10 Tips to Protect Your Business from a Cyber-Attack Oct 12, 2021 »

Our house sits in a subdivision on the north side of Paragould, AR. The reason we wanted to build there was because of the large field behind the house. Our boys play wiffle ball, frisbee golf, and football out there during the warmer months. Behind the playing area is a patch of natural blackberry bushes. The first summer we lived in the house, I noticed them and went out to pick a few. Like a rookie, I wore shorts and sandals and went out with bare hands. The next day I was covered in…

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Cyber Security Month Oct 07, 2021 »

On this day, October 7th in 1849, American author Edgar Allan Poe died in Baltimore, MD at the far-too-young age of 40. Poe was famous for his gothic short stories, making his death in the same month as Halloween almost poetic. In one of his short stories, “The Pit and the Pendulum” the main character finds himself held captive, tied to a board in the middle of a large room. Above him, a large, razor-sharp pendulum is swinging back and forth while descending from the ceiling. The…

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What is a Dec Page? Sep 23, 2021 »

Your declarations page includes many details about your insurance policy, including your name, address, policy endorsements, and limit for each overage. The declarations page is often referred to as the 'dec page'!

The remaining information on your dec page depends on the policy type (auto, homeowners, BOP, GL, etc) and your options. Here is the basic information you'll find in each.


  • Named Insured(s)
  • Policy Number + Policy Period
  • Covered Vehicle Information
  • Garaged Location
  • Deductibles
  • Premium
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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Sep 14, 2021 »

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! Every year, Americans dedicate a week to pay tribute to professional truck drivers and their importance to everyday life and the overall economy. At Block, we are using this week to go out to the area truck stops with goody bags and a smiling face to just say ‘THANK YOU’ to the truck drivers. There are plenty of ways to show appreciation to truckers. Don’t know of one? We got you!

To help make this initiative a…

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What is Builders Risk? Sep 09, 2021 »

One of the questions we got this week at the office was does my homeowners cover me if I am building a new house? The answer is no, unfortunately. There is a specific policy you will need when building a new home, and that is a Builder's Risk policy. I thought this might be a good time to do a little Q&A to explain the ins and outs of a builder's risk policy. As always, it is best to consult a licensed agent to get exact coverage information.

What is a Builders Risk policy? Builder's risk…

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Distracted Driving? it's 100% preventable. Aug 31, 2021 »

Not texting is a start, but there's more to safe driving.

Here's the bad news: Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents every year, many of them fatal. The good news? If you're driving, it's 100% preventable.

You've seen them around town, you may know a few of them and you might even be one yourself.

Distracted drivers come in all shapes and sizes, all makes and models. Even if you aren't one today, you could become one at any moment - in the time it takes you to answer your phone, or…

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What is Cyber Insurance, and do I really need it? Aug 26, 2021 »

Imagine for a second that you are a nurse at a local, privately owned medical clinic. You wake up on a normal Thursday, go through your morning routine, and head to the clinic. Coffee in hand, you unlock the back door and start turning on the lights. As you drop your purse at your station, your mind starts running through your daily to-do list. Things that didn’t quite get finished yesterday…patients coming in today… I need to run by the grocery at lunch to grab bread for the…

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What are the most common car insurance discounts? Aug 17, 2021 »

Saving money is at the forefront of our minds these days. We look for places to trim and cut back wherever possible, and that often means making hard decisions. Of course, there are certain things that many of us can't go without - like a vehicle and auto insurance to protect it. But just because these things are a necessity doesn't mean we can't find ways to reduce the cash we spend on them. That's why it's important to consider every possible discount when shopping for auto insurance - but…

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10 Most Most Common Types of Business Insurance Claims Sep 24, 2020 »

There's a 40% chance of a claim.

No one plans to sustain any losses or file a claim when they purchase their insurance policies and most look at insurance as protection against extraordinary events. BUT unfortunately losses occur more frequently than most business owners expect. According to a study by The Hartford, 40% of small businesses will have a property or liability loss within a 10-year period.

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