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Grain Bin Safety Week

As the 2022 growing season gets started, agriculture faces a potentially challenging year. Volatile markets, supply chain problems and labor shortage are all major issues farmers and agribusiness workers will face at any given time this year. With all of this going on, farmers will have busy minds, and when that’s the case, its easy to be distracted. And when you’re distracted, accidents can happen. That comes true especially when working in grain bins. One slip or bad step can have major consequences. We’ve all heard the tragedies of life lost in grain bin entrapment. And we’re tasked to make it so we never have to hear of a story like that again. That’s the motivator behind Grain Bin Safety Week, to raise awareness about the potential dangers and safe practices. The dangers around flowing grain can mimic quicksand and instantly trap someone without the proper equipment and safety precautions. Many first responders have specialized training and equipment just for these situations that we all fear.

Our goal - to make grain bin safety a topic of discussion at the coffee shop in the mornings or the café at lunch. For farms and agribusiness companies to apply focus to these safe steps when meeting with their employees. This week we will provide some steps that YOU can take to prevent and reduce the risk of injury and even death. Stay tuned!

We look forward to a successful and safe year with you!

-Devin Snell

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